Miele CVA3660 Nespresso Coffee Machine Review

Nespresso Coffee Machine

The innovation and the technology support of Miele are extra ordinary and is highly updating. Miele CVA3660 Nespresso Coffee Machine serves great for the true coffee lovers which comes with the advantage many user friendly features along with the advanced technology. Like any other Miele product this coffee machine does challenges an unbeatable performance for up to 20 years. The following review keeps you informed about the operations and the features for better understanding.

An Overview:

This model is been designed in the built-in technology that goes embedded into the kitchen unit. It gives the installation of option of building it into a tall unit or the dresser unit else in the wall unit. The design which is elegant and it has the housing finished with the stainless steel which shows resistant to the fingerprints and soiling. Miele CVA3660 Nespresso 2300 Watts Coffee Maker is simple to use and low in maintenance which can be wiped off to keep it new as ever. The dimension of this appliance is 350mm, 560mm and 310 mm that corresponds to the height, width and the depth of the machine. The door of this model is hinged on the left side and is does not permit to be reversible. It comes with the concealed door handle too.


This Nespresso capsule machine requires the coffee capsules which come in different blends to make the perfect coffee enthusiast. Buffing with the different functions which allows you to make the different drink types.

  • Possible to makes Espresso and coffee
  • Make hot water
  • Use it for obtaining hot milk
  • Getting the milk with frothing
  • Present in this model is the water container that has the capacity of 1.5 litres. But need to note the absence of the automatic programmes for cappuccino and latte macchiato.

Controls and Display:

This model gives you the advantage of multi-lingual display and the controls for the same is touch system. Present in it is the electronic clock which reads the real time and can also be used to serve as the kitchen clock. The control system allows you to use the 9 customisable user profiles. The individual selectable lighting is also available for the user handiness.


  • Programmable water amount allows making the perfect number of cups and as on demand the system automatically works to produce the hot beverages.
  • Drip tray with wave breakers to prevent spillage keeps the user updated and it is also well maintained without spoiling the environment.
  • Automatic descaling, rinsing and cleaning programmes allows the model to be called the simple cleaning system and effortless.
  • Prompts to empty spent capsule/coffee grounds container and drip tray, this intimation gives a lot of peace in minds of the user and hence it is considered as one of the desirable feature that most people look out for.
  • Refill indicators for capsule and fresh water keep the system on toes to provide you with the tasty beverage when ever required.

Power and Efficiency:

Miele CVA3660 Nespresso Stainless Steel Coffee Machine works with the power consumption of 2300 Watts. It works to offer about 6 cups of beverage in a single programme and is highly energy efficient. The spout of this model suits the cups up to 9 cm in height. The child lock is rather another advantage as when the system is locked it prevents the unauthorised change in the programmes.

Guarantee and Accessories:

Like most other models of Miele this product also comes with the advantage of 2 years guarantee which takes care of the parts and labour. Further this model is been delivered along with the accessories of Descaling and cleaning agents, Descaling funnel, CVC Cappuccinatore and Operating and installation instruction.

Miele CVA3660 Built-in Coffee Maker – Technical Specification Table

  • Manufacturer: Miele
  • Model Name: CVA3660 Nespresso Coffee Machine
  • Finish: Stainless Steel
  • Type: Built-in
  • Water tank Capacity: 1.5 litres
  • Controls: Buttons
  • Dimension (hxwxd) mm: 350 x 560 x 310 mm
  • Display: Multi language LCD display
  • Power: 2300 watts
  • Drink types – functions: Espresso, coffee, hot water, hot milk and froth
  • Installation options: Built into a tall unit/dresser unit/wall unit
  • Adjustable steam emission
  • Door handle: Concealed
  • Adjustable coffee temperature
  • Coffee spout: For cups up to 9 cm
  • Stand by function
  • Display: Multi-lingual touch control display
  • Electronic clock 
  • System lock 
  • Features:
  1. Individual selectable lighting
  2. 9 customisable user profiles
  3. Programmable water amount
  4. Drip tray with wave breakers to prevent spillage
  5. Automatic descaling, rinsing and cleaning programmes
  6. Prompts to empty spent capsule/coffee grounds container and drip tray
  7. Refill indicators for capsule and fresh water
  • Accessories:
  1. Descaling and cleaning agents
  2. Descaling funnel
  3. CVC Cappuccinatore
  4. Operating and installation instruction
  • Guarantee: 2 years